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Raised Wild USA premieres on Friday 16th at 9pm!

If you’re in the States it’s your chance to see the series investigating real cases of feral children from around the world.

A boy who survived with vervet monkeys in Uganda

A girl in Ukraine who was allegedly ‘raised’ by dogs when her alcoholic parents neglected her

A boy who survived for years, locked in a chicken coop under his own family’s house in Fiji

RAISED WILD begins this Friday, 16th November, at 9pm on Animal Planet. New episodes every Friday for three weeks.

Raised Wild on Animal Planet

The series I filmed for Animal Planet, seeking out the truth about three very unusual feral child cases in Fiji, Ukraine and Uganda is on TV soon! It premieres in Latin America on 5th September 2012. More details to follow as I learn them!

From the Ugandan jungle to the rural heartland of Ukraine, my quest took me across three continents to uncover the stories of the children who have lived – and survived – on the very edge of humanity.